What is FlexCoSeal®?

With our flexible metal container (also called elsewhere “bodyseal”) we offer you a cost effective and time saving alternative to the use of zinc coffins. The container is a flexible hermetically sealed system that can be used for international funeral transport. We comply with regulations of IATA (AHM 333), Strasbourg (26.X.1973) and the EU EN15017.

FlexCoSeal® containers offer funeral companies, mortuaries, hospitals and emergency services the opportunity to contain deceased persons hygienically for longer periods.

Our flexible containers have also been used during the repatriation of the casualties after the MH17 air disaster.

FlexCoSeal® can also be used to contain deceased persons due to infectious diseases like Corona. From of 2015 in Belgium FlexCoSeal® is prescribed by the government to contain deceased person died by Ebola. In the United Kingdom a similar product is also being used.

Similar flexible metal containers have also been used after:

  •  The terrorist attack 9/11 in 2001, New York
  • The Tsunami in Southeast Asia
  • Hurricane ‘Katrina’ at New Orleans

Because regulation can differ per country or even per state, every user of FlexCoSeal® is responsible for complying with local, national and international regulations.

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Advantages FlexCoSeal®

Hermetic seal
FlexCoSeal® containers (also called elsewhere “body seal”) are air, odour and moisture tight. With a correct usage of the FlexCoSeal® system, the container is hermetically sealed.

There is no need to use a zinc coffin anymore for international funeral transport, leading to an elimination of the risks of injury associated with zinc coffins. With FlexCoSeal® you only use what you need. It is also far more flexible and can be used in any coffin, no matter what size. Zinc coffins are rigid and can only be used in dedicated coffins.

FlexCoSeal® is not limited to international funeral transport, it can also be used for the resting period before the funeral for people who were suffering from an infectious disease. FlexCoSeal® is also the ultimate solution for nasty odours allowing for an appropriate funeral.
FlexCoSeal® is for these reasons interesting for funeral companies, mortuaries, hospitals, laboratoria (pathological and forensic) and emergency services. Especially when a deceased person must be contained for longer periods.


Cost effective
The cost of a FlexCoSeal® container is less than the cost of a zinc coffin. Due to its low weight, the costs of transport by air are also significantly lower.

In day to day use, FlexCoSeal® reduces handling, storage and disposal costs. One roll of 75 meter/246 ft replaces approximately 32 zinc coffins!

For funerals with unpleasant odour issues, family, friends and others paying their last respects may notice the odour. Can you imagine the thoughts these people will leave the funeral with? FlexCoSeal® helps to avoid reputation damage.

Timesaving alternative
FlexCoSeal® can be easily closed within 5 minutes. Sealing the container is done by using a heat sealer that can be simply operated by hand. Opening the container can be done by a pair of scissors. Closing of the same container can be done again with the heat sealer.

The container can be disposed as normal waste. As a result FlexCoSeal® contributes to a lower environmental burden. It can also be burned during a cremation (authorised within the Netherlands by the “Landelijke Vereniging van Crematoria” and included in their list of authorised materials.

FlexCoSeal® protects against the contamination risk from dangerous diseases. Think of ebola. 100% airtight and waterproof. It also reduces the risk of injuries associated with opening traditional containers such as zinc coffins.

FlexCoSeal® Is Very Strong!

A sealed FlexCoSeal® bag is very strong and remains hermetically closed in order to prevent odor nuisance. View the video below to get convinced.

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